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タイトル: A putative porin gene of Burkholderia sp. NK8 involved in chemotaxis toward
著者: Kimiko, Yamamoto-Tamura
Ikuro, Kawagishhi
Takeshi, Fujii
キーワード: chemoattractant
chloroaromatic compounds
発行日: 2015-2-4
出版者: Taylor & Frtancis
抄録: Burkholderia sp. NK8 can utilize 3-chlorobenzoate (3CB) as a sole source of carbon because it has a megaplasmid (pNK8) that carries the gene cluster (tfdT-CDEF) encoding chlorocatechol-degrading enzymes. The expression of tfdT-CDEF is induced by 3CB. In this study, we found that NK8 cells were attracted to 3CB and its degradation products, 3- and 4-chlorocatechol, and β-ketoadipate. Capillary assays revealed that a pNK8-eliminated strain (NK82) was defective in chemotaxis toward β-ketoadipate. The introduction of a plasmid carrying a putative outer membrane porin gene, which we name ompNK8, into strain NK82 restored chemotaxis toward β-ketoadipate. RT-PCR analyses demonstrated that the transcription of the ompNK8 gene was enhanced in the presence of 3CB. A putative porin gene, ompNK8 of Burkholderia sp. NK8 was required chemotaxis toward β-ketoadipate, and was induced by the presence of 3-chlorobenzoate in growth medium.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10114/10259
出現コレクション:013 自然科学


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