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タイトル: An Effective Means of Improving Prosody in English : Intelligibility and Fluency in Oral Communication
著者: MURAMATSU, Mieko
キーワード: prosody
oral communication
発行日: 2017-1-10
出版者: 法政大学 言語・文化センター
抄録: Prosody in English is important for oral communication and difficult for Japanese EFL learners to acquire. By explain ing the contrast between English prosodic features and Japanese ones, the author investigated if intelligibility and fluency in reading aloud and spontaneous speech could be improved. The combination of explicit instruction and repeating practice had a quick effect upon reading aloud. Though approximately half the participants thought they were conscious of pronunciation in the twoway communicative task, the raters determined that they didn't sound as if they were truly interacting in English, and suggested they needed more practice. The study also found that approximately half the participants had been instructed in pronunciation in English, though they were unaware of the differences in prosody, namely, that English is a stress-timed language, and Japanese is a mora-timed language.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10114/12916
ISSN: 13494686
出現コレクション:言語と文化:Language and Culture


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