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タイトル: Are Geographical Indications (GIs) Effective Value-Adding Tools for Traditional Food? Insights from the Newly Established Japanese GIs System
著者: Kimura, Junko
Defrancesco, Edi
発行日: 2017-4-19
出版者: 法政大学イノベーション・マネジメント研究センター
抄録: A GI system for protection of agricultural products and foodstuffs has been recently introduced in Japan aiming to provide a tool for: i) tapping into rural development; ii) increasing exports; iii) preserving the traditional products’ heritage and iv) improve products’ differentiation. Twelve registered GIs are analysed by grouping them in four categories according to their target market and consumer awareness. Our direct survey findings show that each product category is mainly focused on one of the above-mentioned targets, has specific SWOT factors, has different expectations from the GI recognition, its GIs’ governance system works differently, and that specific well-tailored policies are needed.
記述: イノベーション・マネジメント研究センターの許諾済。引用には出典を明記してください。
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10114/13205
出現コレクション:イノベーション・マネジメント研究センターワーキングペーパー:WORKING PAPER SERIES of The Research Institute for Innovation Management, HOSEI UNIVERSITY


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