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タイトル: Internet-Based Vehicle-Cargo Matching Platform Enterprises in China
著者: He, Zhenggang
Guo, Jingni
Li, Ruixue
キーワード: vehicle-cargo matching
operation mode
non-truck operating common carrier
発行日: 2017-11-16
出版者: 法政大学イノベーション・マネジメント研究センター
抄録: This paper examines vehicle-cargo matching platform enterprises in China, which play the role of non-truck operating common carriers that are the freight operator by entrusting transportation duties to the actual carrier. We summarize several kinds of operation modes for vehicle-cargo matching: simple vehicle-cargo matching; whole- vehicle system with single loading and multiple unloading; virtual fleet; and integration of whole-vehicle service and carpooling. We selected representative enterprises and analyzed such features as their operation, advantages and disadvantages, profit model, and applications. We compare and analyze those systems.
記述: イノベーション・マネジメント研究センターの許諾済。引用には出典を明記してください。
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10114/13655
出現コレクション:イノベーション・マネジメント研究センターワーキングペーパー (Working Paper)


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