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タイトル: Probability Weighting and Default Risk: A Solution for Asset Pricing Puzzles
著者: Yamazaki, Akira
キーワード: asset pricing puzzles
consumption-based asset pricing
distressed stock
probability weighting function
default risk
business time
発行日: 2018-2-9
出版者: 法政大学イノベーション・マネジメント研究センター
抄録: This paper suggests incorporating investor probability weighting and the default risk of individual firms into a consumption-based asset pricing model. The extended model provides a unified solution for several anomalous patterns observed on financial markets. The analysis addresses not only widely-recognized asset pricing puzzles, such as the equity premium puzzle, but also less studied anomalies on financially distressed stocks. The simulation, under which the model is calibrated according to U.S. historical data, shows the combination of mild overweighting of probability on tail events and nonlinearity of equity values caused by default risk has the potential to resolve these patterns.
記述: イノベーション・マネジメント研究センターの許諾済。引用には出典を明記してください。
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10114/13685
出現コレクション:イノベーション・マネジメント研究センターワーキングペーパー:WORKING PAPER SERIES of The Research Institute for Innovation Management, HOSEI UNIVERSITY


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