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タイトル: Response of cognitive and physiological performance in soccer players during small-sided games
その他のタイトル: ミニゲームを用いたサッカー選手の認識と生理反応
著者: kasuya, Taizo
Nakazawa, Tadashi
粕谷, 泰造
中澤, 史
キーワード: small-sided games
technical performance
exercise intensity
cognitive task
発行日: 2018-3-31
出版者: 法政大学スポーツ研究センター
抄録: The aim of this study was to manipulate the effects of condition changes on physical and psychological (cognitive-perceptual) loads for soccer players during 5-a-side soccer small-sided games (SSGs). In this study, twelve soccer players (age: 25.5 ± 2.2years, height: 178.59 ± 6.25cm, body mass: 74.67 ± 6.56kg, playing experience: 10.84 ± 2.62years) participated a total of eight SSGs under four conditions with a combination of physical-intensity {high-intensity (HI) and low-intensity (LI)} and soccer-related decision making task {high-task (HT) and low-task (LT)}. Heart rate (HR), RPE, blood lactate (Bla-), technical activities and cognitive-perceptual questionnaires (CSAI-2) were analysed. In comparison among conditions, HI/LT condition presented significantly greater response in physical (HR, RPE, Bla-) and technical performance {passing frequency (PF), numbers of playing option (PO)} during SSGs (P < 0.05). HI/HT condition showed higher physical responses, but poor technical activities observed, whereas LI/LT demonstrated lower physical demands but higher numbers of playing activity (PA) demonstrated. Various scores were collected for CSAI-2, specifically HI/LT and LI/LT conditions showed significantly lower anxiety level, however, no significant difference were observed in self-confidence scores during SSGs. This study revealed that 5-a-side SSGs played with such conditions can manipulate an effective development of psycho-physiological behaviours and differentiate technical activities in soccer players. Subsequently, it is importance for coaches to understand the relationship between physiological and psychological demands imposed upon players within SSGs.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10114/13894
ISSN: 21879168
出現コレクション:法政大学スポーツ研究センター紀要:Bulletin of Sports Research Center, Hosei University


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