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タイトル: Lessons from the Russian Financial Crisis
著者: Gunji, Hiroshi
発行日: 2002-3
出版者: The Institute of Comparative Economic Studies, Hosei University
抄録: This paper analyzes the economic fundamentals of Russia and other factors which might have affected the Russian crisis in l998. Through investigating the fundamentals, we found that the Asian crisis did not cause the Russian crisis directly, but led to multiple equilibria. In 1995, the Russian government, in order to finance its budget deficits, began to issue large amounts of short-term bonds and to deregulate the asset market. Yet, as asset prices in the emerging markets are correlated to one another, there is a strong possibility that the Russian economy was affected by those emerging market's asset deflation. It is thus evident that the Asian crisis may have had an effect on the Russian economy.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10114/690
ISSN: 09111247
出現コレクション:Journal of International Economic Studies


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