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タイトル: Economics of Internet Packets
著者: Yoshida, Yutaka
発行日: 2005-3
出版者: The Institute of Comparative Economic Studies, Hosei University
抄録: In this paper, the economics of packet transfer over the Internet is studied. Packet transfer costs are investigated in detail, based on a simple model restricted to packet transfers in message communications, one of the important applications on the Internet. The packet switching scheme examined is the store-and-forward type, and the queuing system in routers is assumed to be (M/M/1)s/N with a finite waiting capacity. The numerical results of packet transfer cost examples are shown and optimum packet size for message communications is studied, showing that several kilobytes is the optimum packet size.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10114/767
ISSN: 09111247
出現コレクション:Journal of International Economic Studies


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